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  • September 26, 2006
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    My problem, including error log items message matches this article:
    (- yet I assume at least one user will ask me to post logs instead)

    in Client setup, I do the find server/connect server - it finds, and the check passes, green background.

    but when MP is running, trying to start TV, or view EPG, takes some time, then fails by asking me for IP or server name (which makes *no* sense as it just passed the config "test connection")

    the log indicate SQL mess.
    I tried to copy the gentle.config , and also can confirm that pinging the hostname in gentle.config works from the terminal of the computer running MP client .

    The TV server computer, also has an TV Client, which works fine.
    The poor excuse of an "firewall" that comes with the pile of bloat called windows7, is not messed with , and both Mediaportal and SQL entries are permitted, and active.


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    yet I assume at least one user will ask me to post logs instead
    Yes, I will ask you to post log files.
    You tell us that the client side error message is the same as in the wiki. Fine.
    ...but what about the state of MySQL?
    What about the state of the TV Server?
    Without log files nothing can be known about those, and therefore I cannot help you.
    Good luck. :)

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