TV server crash with WintTV quadHD (2 Viewers)


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May 3, 2007
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Since windows 7 is not supported yet by microsoft, I migrated from windows 7 x64 to windows 10 x64.

I have a server on which a WinTV-quadHD card is installed. This card worked perfectly before the migration and no hardware change was made (not a single cable disconnected).

Since my passage under windows 10 x64, I can't get video and sound from this card with mediaportal 2 (I was using MP1 since 10 years before). The channels are well detected but the different software used does not allow me to receive sound and image from the card. The following software has been tested : mediaportal, pouchin TV and even wintv10 which I bought in the meantime. They all crashes at opening. I can get sound with Pouchin TV when I disable the codecs for video. I'm using the last drivers from hauppauge wich are release with wintv10 software.

Mediaportal tv server crash when I use the preview option in TV channels category. Here are my logs while having this bug.

Does anyone can help me ?

Thanks !


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