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Paul F

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April 11, 2019
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Hi - I hope someone can help :)

I have been using mediaportal1 for many years without problems - a couple of days ago I decided it was time to update to a more recent version (from 1.10.0 to 1.21.0). Coincidently at the same time some Windows updates were installed.

Since then, the upgraded version would not save recorded files to the same NAS folder/share I have always used. I checked that the PC itself has access to that folder - no issues I could even create a new 'test folder' from within the 'TV server configuration' but the TV service wont actually save the files (the system thinks it has - the recorded TV shows the program but of course it gives an error when trying to play because the file isn't there.

I changed the location to a C: folder and everything works fine.
Then back to the NAS location and then the same error - it wont save files (even though it thinks it is) but will play previous files from the same location
Note I have check permissions on the NAS box - nothing changed, all correct and I can create, read and delete files from that location using windows explorer from the same PC/user.

Next I rolled back to version 1.10.0 and the same thing is happening with that version - will play to but not record from the NAS but will play and record locally (C;) - again the permissions seem Ok as I can read/write/delete to the NAS folder no issues.

As a further test, I installed v 1.21.0 on a laptop and have the same issues, (but no issues locally) but again have explorer access no problem to the folder from the laptop. Again this laptop has had some Windows updates in the last couple of days.

Since nothing has changed on the NAS box and because I have correct access from both the PC and laptop I don't suspect NAS permissions are the issue - but could there be something where the windows update has affected the way the service connects to / saves to the NAS box (as opposed to 'explorer' access/saving)?

Hopefully someone has some suggestions?



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    The TVService normally runs under a 'System' account, which has more limited permissions than a user account. This is probably why your user account access to the NAS via explorer works OK, but TVService can't write to the NAS.

    You may need to change 'TVService' to run under a user account instead (one that has 'write' permissions on the NAS) - see Network drives for an example of how to do this (for 'MPExtended service' - you need to change the 'TVService' settings).

    Paul F

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    April 11, 2019
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    Hi Owlsroost - thanks!!

    That's worked - I have set the service to run under the logged on user account and it works fine!
    I don't know what changed but its working and that's great

    Thanks again

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