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January 28, 2013
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I did as you suggested and downloaded and installed MySQL as a standalone. TV Server now installs and is operating.

HOWEVER, while doing the channel scans, it blue screens after about 20-30 minutes. After reboot, it again bluescreens if I try to scan for channels on the same adaptor again. If I try scans on another adaptor (Hauppauge has 4 tuners, 2 digital and 2 analogue), the scan seems to run correctly.

It seems like the installation script is expecting to see MySQL version 5.3.1 while the version which gets downloaded MIGHT be the later 5.5 version. Is the reason for the original failure?

An observation, I have tried using a coup[le of different systems now to view and record live tv (WMC, Beyond TV, and Media Portal). It seems like the WMC method of requesting a Zip Code and displaying a list of cable TV suppliers is the easiest way to obtain the channels rather than trying to scan and then assign channel numbers and names later. Would that be desirable for future development efforts?

Right now, with Media Portal it seems like I have to scan all four tuners and then assign meaningful channel data for each of them. For me, that represents about two or more hours to do the scanning (IF no blue screen occurs) not to mention whatever editing or clean up may be required after the scans.

I an fortunate to have backups of my Acronis system which a;llows me to quickly restore to previous versions when an install fails like this one did.

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