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August 21, 2007
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I saw something in another forum (don't remember where though) about a TV Server Stress Test tool? Is there a tool like that and if so where do I get it?

What I am looking for is to run some automatic testing with-out involving the MP client to see if tv server is runnign stable in my environment or not. Zapping, time-shifting etc.

If there are no such tool then I think it would be very useful to have one. A tool which runs some specific test (with extensive logging) to help finding out where (and if) tv server get problems.

It is often hard to find out how to reproduce a problem that happens. With a standard test procedure I think would hlp us all trying to find bugs.

As you might guess TV server is not stable for me (and have never been and that include TVE2 as well). It might be MP, hardware or some other software problem (including drivers) causing problems. I never got that far to actually using MP for real, only have it setup for test. Will get back with logs but I first need to rule out as many possible causes for errors first. Haven't been playing around with MP for a while now and hoped it would run stable now but unfortunately it does not (might be a tv card problem but who knows).

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