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February 12, 2008
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I was watching one channel and MP was recording another and I changed channel, only to get a "Lost connection to TV Server" error message.

So I thought I'd restart MP and closed it but couldn't get it to restart. Checking TaskManager showed it was still running and using about 500MB and I couldn't kill it, either from TaskManager or Process Explorer. I even launched MP Config which warned me it would close MP but then it just loaded and Mediaportal.exe was still running. I tried launching TV Server config but that just gave me the MySQL connection box and it couldn't connect when I clicked Test.

I didn't want to reboot as I had a recording in progress but I also wanted to watch TV whilst I ate my dinner (these things always happen at the most inconvenient times don't they) so I rebooted and checked TV Server config, which loaded but Manual Control wouldn't allow me to start timeshifting and I could see that things didn't look right under Server, so I unplugged the K-World USB Tuner and stopped and restarted TV Service and after that it started working again.

So I guess something caused the tuner to crap out. I was told these K-World tuners are good but I've had problems with it and MP a couple of times now and never had any such problems with my Hauppauge Nova-T 500 PCI card. I've decided to put that in the HTPC I'm building for my brother, as although I originally bought the K-World USB tuner for that, I can't expect him to deal with these problems as he's not technically minded at all and so need to give him something hassle free.

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