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August 21, 2011
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Just did an update of my system from Win 7 / MP 1.25 to Win 10 / MP 1.31 on a single seat system and came across a problem with the tv server startup being erratic.

Approx 50% of the time on PC reboot from scratch the tv server process was showing "starting" but would never start and consequently neither would MP or MP Server Config.

I found that doing a delayed start of the tv server process gave me 100% reliability with what appears to be zero downside. My old Win 7 system did not have any issues.

I know that the tv server startup has been problematic for some people with many a thread offering suggestions including the delayed startup but I will now be always setting it to delayed because it seems to eliminate a potential drama.

Hoping this will help someone in the future if they are looking for answers

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