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  • August 15, 2011
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    Hi Guys, I have been using Mediaportal for a while but never as a TV provider. Looking again to your guides and especially the TV server/client functionality I got fired up about it and hense my first post on the TV server setup.

    I am currently subscriber to two satelite networks (OSN and NOVA). I pay monthly for their service, I connect via satelite, and have received their receivers, both PVR.

    Since media portal is my pride, I would love to be able to watch their paid services through it. To be able to record the channels on my PC instead of the PVR and see the schedule through mediaportal. I gather that I need to find a way to decode through my PC. Is there a way to do the above? I am going to keep paying for their service, just want to receive the services through media portal.

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