TVE3: Can a plugin get access to tuners to run EPG collections?


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  • March 17, 2012

    This will be my first post here in quite some time. I'm in the process of trying to revive my whole setup, including the custom sky grabbing that DJBlu started. I would like to get away from the custom code that DJBlu inserted in to an experimental version of MP.

    My question generally relates to plugins and their ability to access the tuners and scanning code within the main TVE3 application. Could I write a plugin that effectively asks TVE3 to scan a frequency and then, with appropriate code in the plugin, parse the data to extract the channels, EPG and LCNs etc. as well as then running a schedule to update them as necessary?

    DJBlu's code has a modified TSwriter, as well as the custom data grabber and I wondered whether a native plugin could effectively combine them together in to one and still work with the default TVE3 as compiled?

    Very happy to hear any comments on this, and whether it could work or if there are limitations with the plugin interface with MP.

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