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September 8, 2009
Austria Austria
Hi everyone!

I have a problem watching live TV from one single transponder.
It's supposed to run via MDAPI, but the problem persists with all plugins DISABLED, so something about my TV configuration must be wrong.

I get "No Signal" almost every time I try to tune this channel. The weird thing: It works flawlessly in DVBViewer. I use the exact same channel settings as DVBViewer in MP.
I tried setting all timingouts (in General>Scan and in Timeshifting) to 30, still the same problem.
The most stable config (still loke a 1:100 chance to get a signal) is with following timeouts:
Tune: 2
PAT: 2
CAT: 30
PMT: 2
Wait for unscrambled signal: 30

The transponder is
Astra 19.2°E
12032 MHz
Polarisation H
Symbolrate 27500
FEC 9/10

So without plugins I should get a "Channel scrambled" error, which I get like 1 out of 100 times ;)

Is there any other timeout value I can check? Any ideas?

My System:
Win 10 x64
MP2 2016-01-16
Cinergy S2 HD USB
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