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Discussion in 'Electronic Program Guide' started by glenb83, October 5, 2012.

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    Hi all,

    I am having a really hard time getting reliable tv guide data for Australian free to air (freeview) in Sydney/Wollongong. I used to use a pci tv tuner and the ota guide data and it worked flawlessly! I have since switched to a USB tuner and would get a long delay then a no signal message on all channels if I had epg data on. Since turning it off, I have had reliable tv but broken guide data.

    I tried webepg but couldn't find reliable data for some of the newer freeview channels.

    The best option so far has been using XMLTV and the data from this site - Problem is that I have to go to the site, download/extract the gz file and then rename the output.xml file to tvguide.xml and import with xmltv. Is there any way I can automate this process, or does someone have any other suggestions? The OTA was by far the simplest but is just not an option anymore. I also noticed xmltv has a remote option, perhaps there is a tvguide.xml with the data I need somewhere out there that I can link up to?

    Any help would be much appreciated. THANKS!!
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    Hello glenb83

    If you ask me, fixing the OTA grabbing issues would be the better way to go about solving this problem... but I accept that you may not want to do that.

    You'll probably need an Aussie to help you with this - too context specific for me.

    A developer would be able to create a script to do it. Assuming that you're not a developer, have you tried entering the URL of the gz file on the third tab of the XMLTV plugin? That would download the file automatically - I just wonder whether it would be able to unzip automatically as well.

    EPG Collector
    Will grab the OTA EPG data and convert it into an XMLTV file.
    You can schedule this relatively easily using the scheduler built into Windows.
    It can share tuners with TV Server, meaning it will detect when the tuner is in use and avoid screwing up timeshifting and recording.

    Again, perhaps you could provide some log files to let us attempt to figure out what is going wrong.

    As mentioned above, I think that remote option is also capable of unzipping. The question is whether it can unzip gz files.

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    Code (Text):
    2. del output.xmltv.gz
    3. del tvguide.xml
    4. wget
    5. Gzip.exe -d output.xmltv.gz
    6. rename output.xmltv tvguide.xml

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