MP2 - V2.3.1 MP2 - V2.3 TVServer config crash in TV channel configuration (1 Viewer)


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  • September 26, 2011
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    I think I've found a reproducable Bug in MePo 2.3 TV Server Configuration, wich crashes the TV Server configuration.

    Describe as detailed as possible the steps that are required to encounter the issue. This info is critical for the team to understand the problem.
    Steps to Reproduce:

    In "TV Channels"just place the cursor in the filter and press enter. TV Server configuration will immediately crash.

    Testet on MePo 2.3, but as there are no changes in MePo 2.3.1 regarding the TV Server, the Bug will also be there. (can update to 2.3.1 in about half an hour, the download from github is very fast as always :sleep:)


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    Thanks for reporting, I just tested this and can confirm the behavior.

    This is caused by the "Ok" button has the default focus, so "enter" while being active, always closes the form. The filter itself should work just with typing (no enter)


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  • September 26, 2011
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    I'm now on 2.3.1 (fresh install) and the bug is still there.

    Filtering works, also the TV Channel configuration works as exceptet, its "just" the crash.

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