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Discussion in 'General Support' started by HakanThn, November 10, 2011.

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    It is perfectly normal that memory is not released when it comes to .NET applications. It is up to the Garbage collector to decide when to free the memory. This makes troubleshooting the memory leaks with TVE3 quite hard since you cannot know so easialy if it is a real leak or just .NET's runtime's garbage collector that has not seen any reason to release the allocated memory.

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    Hi again,

    Did some more testing to confirm the issue:

    1. TV-server configuration running, no MP client, all TV-cards idle => no memory leakage
    2. Manual timeshifting from TV-server configuration: Memory leak at about 2MB/minute. Stop timeshift => memory leak continues at a reduced rate, about 1,5MB/min, until TV-server configuration exit. Tested different channels, with and without teletext, coded and FTA, and on different TV-cards as well (both DVB-S and DVB-T), with the same result. Tested also to turn of all TV-server plugins and all EPG, no change.
    3. MP running in debug mode, idle at basic home screen => no memory leakage
    4. MP running in debug mode, with a TV-channel tuned => very slow memory leakage, about 0,1 MB/min. (unsure about this, seems to vary)
    5. MP running in standard mode, skin Purevision HD, many outdated plugins. Idle at basic home screen, no channel tuned since started => big memory leak at 3MB/min.

    Any clues?

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