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January 10, 2012
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Hallo Everyone,

i am using Mediaportal as dedicated server now for about 1.5 years. Since beginning i have the same issue. My TvService on my server stops working after a runtime for about 1-4 days (mostly random).

With "the TvService is not working" i mean that when a Client trys to watch a program and the Services trys every single Card of the 4 cards and probably cant get a signal, so he ends up doing nothing after he tryed all 4.

You can find my Specs in my profile. (4 Tuner + 2 Cams , Mediaportal 1.2.1 with Cascaded Cams Support dll)
Link to Cascaded Cam support that i am using:

My workaround that im using for the last 1 Year is:
1.) I stop the TvService
2.) I go into devices and deactivate my "Digital Devices Base Driver"
3.) Activate my "Digital Devices Base Driver"
4.) Start TvService again

Then it works again for 2-4 Days
Only restarting the TvService doesnt work.
Rarely the TvServices crashes so i can't even stop it or restart it anymore. Then i have to restart the Server, cause my common workaround doesnt work anymore.

I contacted the Digital Devices Support cause i thought that the Cams/Tuners causing the crash. But they tested the cards and said they are working fine. They tested it while the TvService was crashed and also tested different software. Everything was fine.

I can not reproduce the crash. I think it mostly happens when:

1.) Someone watches on a Client and everthing is fine. Then he turns off the Client.
2.) Time goes by
3.) Someone turns on a Client and nothing is working anymore

Maybe epg scans causes the problem during not used time or my cascaded cams play against each other so the tvService cant get any signal.

I would really appreciate some help :) because it is getting really annoying to restart my Service every two days.

Thx 4 the Help :)
Greetings from Austria!

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