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January 13, 2006

i'm trying now for 6 weeks to get the twinhan dvb-s pci card working. but without succes. Media Portal recognices the card (i used the capturecarddefinitions.xml from the digitalrise driver). But when i use the mediaportal setup to insert the tv card i get always the error ""Unable to create graph for this device!"

I can ignore this error and use autotune but this does not find any channel.

I tried the following BDA drivers:,,

These are my bda console settings:

LnbType: Low 9750, High 10600
LnbSwitch-Freq: 0
DisEqc: none
Lnbpower: on
22k tone: set by application
tone data burst: none

I used the xp fix WindowsXP-KB896626-v2-x86-DEU.exe

I tried MP 0.1.3, 0.2.0RC1, 0.2.0RC2

I cannot run the bda test application from twinhan also. So i think my the problem is not in the mediaPortal. What could it be?

Maybe my onBoard VGA Card, which is a Mirage with 64 MB shard memory on a ASRock K7S41GX Board?

I would be very happy if anyone of you could help, otherwise i will give and by another card (but this hurts me - i'm a loser)


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October 25, 2005
Have you tried to install the drivers with the install tool? That was my problem too, I always installed the drivers manually, but when I tried the tool, it worked fine for me.

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