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August 25, 2009
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I recently upgraded my setup so that my HTPC and projector can output 4K at 60hz with HDR.
Windows x64 and my graphics card are now configured to output everything this way.

What I noticed is that all MediaPortal UI elements that are overlayed on content are now flickering, this is really annoying.
Also when a video is playing in background some UI elements are flickering on the screen, mainly text.
The video plays just fine, only the UI elements flicker.

Does anyone have a solution for this? :/

I use DXVA (native) and MadVR if that matters.
In the past I had 4K at 30Hz and no HDR enabled

Example Video:
MP Flickering

Logs attached


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August 25, 2009
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Does it happen if you use the EVR renderer?
From what I see no! With EVR there is no flickering.

I just noticed that there is an option in MP Config for MadVR called "Disable low latency rendering mode (can cause stuttering UI)".
When I enable this the flickering/stuttering of the UI seems much less.

Even though from the setting's name I would understand it would enhance flickering?

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    I don't use MadVR myself (but there are some expert users of it on the forum), but AFAIK it does need much higher levels of GPU performance than EVR.

    4k60 with HDR (which I think means it has to use 10 bits per colour component to support HDR) is a big rendering load - it's 4x the number of pixels per frame c.f. 1080p

    Are you sure you are not just running out of GPU performance?

    Note that MPs GUI is constantly being rendered (it's not a 'static' overlay, it's more like a video game situation) - if you are playing video, that load is in addition to the video rendering load on the GPU and CPU.


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    I have this issue with HDR as well. I suspect owlsroost is correct. If I enable HDR and watch a 23p HDR film in Netflix app, it works perfectly. If I watch normal TV at 50Hz with mediaportal it flicks every now and then. I only have an intel processor with UHD graphics. The performance monitor in task manager has it working at a out 75% plus in mediaportal with HDR. I suspect it flicks because it is jumping a frame or can not keep up with converting the standard TV format to HDR.
    When I watch a 23p Netflix program with HDR it is only running at about 40%

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