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November 10, 2009
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Same problem as the thread that got a 'no bug' tag (https://forum.team-mediaportal.com/threads/cant-play-music-solved.114906/)

Solution in that thread (delete music database and re-create it) unfortunately doesn't solve the issue in my case.

When pressing 'OK' on an album in the music section, MP stops responding.
A few observations:
- MediaPortal.exe goes to 50% processor usage (meaning on my dual core, a single thread of MP is 100% busy) and stays that way. Looks like an infinite loop.
- Issue is present in Titan and DefaultWide skin
- Issue is present regardless of view
- Pressing play does play the album correctly

Logs attached in verbose mode.

EDIT: Ok, did some more testing:
- Clean installation of MP works correctly (I upgraded to 1.3)
- Problem is in the MediaPortal.xml, see attached. Somehow, in the musicfiles section, something is wrong. Attached a not working config.

Looks like upgrading does not convert the config files correctly...


  • MediaPortalNotWorking.xml
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    Need a reproducible way to break mediaportal.xml


    Comparison of your broken music section to a working music section of mediaportal.xml with exactly the same settings and can see what the difference in the file is.
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