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April 10, 2007
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Hi together,

first of all thanks for the great work and progress made on the mediaportal development. It's getting better and better and it's really fun using it. But since Version 1.xxx I constantly get this "unable to play" error on music when the system comes from hibernation and the last action before was listening to music.

So here is the case I am talking about:

1) listen music
2) stop music
3) set system to hibernate (not sure if it occurs with StandBy too)
4) restart system
5) try to start music playing --> "unable to play"

This happens with BassEngine and the internal engine as well. The workaround is to restart MP or to start LiveTV. From a programmers point of view I think the sound device is not as proper reinitialized from the music part as the video/tv part does.

Does anyone have the same error and maybe a better workaround or a different setting to get rid of it ?

Attached the error lines from the log. Of course I can provide the whole log if needed.

2012-12-16 08:37:31.520146 [ERROR][MPMain(1)]: BASS: Unable to create Stream for \\\Files\Musik\Sampler\Christmas\Rock'n pop Christmas (2008)\01 - Bryan Adams - Christmas Time.mp3.  Reason: BASS_ERROR_UNKNOWN.
2012-12-16 08:37:31.524147 [ERROR][MPMain(1)]: BASS: Unable to play \\\Files\Musik\Sampler\Christmas\Rock'n pop Christmas (2008)\01 - Bryan Adams - Christmas Time.mp3.  Reason: BASS_ERROR_HANDLE.
2012-12-16 08:37:31.530147 [ERROR][MPMain(1)]: PlaylistPlayer: *** unable to play - \\\Files\Musik\Sampler\Christmas\Rock'n pop Christmas (2008)\01 - Bryan Adams - Christmas Time.mp3 - skipping track!

Thanks in advance

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