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March 13, 2013
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Just recently got Win7, had Vista, and my tuner, Leadtek WinFast TV2000 XP Expert, seems to have issues with it. For one, no Win7 drivers you can readily find otherwise, but Windows Update provides one, so used that.
First time, I first installed the Vista driver I had, then updated to this, then installed the WinFast PVR2 software I used before, resulting in blocky video and a CPU usage during TV viewing some 3 times what it was on Vista. But there were other issues with that install, so reinstalled from scratch today.

Anyway, now after the reinstall, said let me try to leave their software aside and have a look through what other software I can use, bumped into MediaPortal and when I saw a new final version just released today too I said quite a stroke of luck, this, so let me try it. Well, installed, selected the tuner, meant to scan for channels and "Unable to scan - The graph building. Mostly your card is not supported by TvServer. Please create a report on our forum." So I'm doing that. (Also, what a broken translation...)

What's going on here?

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