Unable to watch DVB-C encrypted channels with CI (1 Viewer)


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February 26, 2013
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Hi. I am running on a Windows 7, 64bit HTPC. I am using the capture card Technotrend CT-3650 CI for my DVB-C provider. To this I have a CryptoCam (Cryptoguard) CI module of the type you can see here

I am using MediaPortal 1.2.3 and have enabled CAM on the TV-Server side. Tested with 1 and 0 as channels to decode and also Generic and DVBC as preferred network provider.

My problem is that MediaPortal still tells me that my channels are encoded even though they shouldn't be. The smartcards works great in other digitalboxes/capture devices. If I try to Preview the channels i get: "unable to start graph" and if I use the MediaPortal Client i just get that "Channel is encoded".

I ran the client in debug mode also and have attached the logs. Any advice on what is wrong is appreciated :)

EDIT: Just saw that my CAM meny displays: "Wrong card" regarding the smartcard. Probably has to start in that end :)
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