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August 20, 2015
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I have got a multi-seat setup, where the client and tv-server on different pc's and the recorded tv files are on a separate NAS server.
I have setup the client to login to windows with the same username that the server uses to run the tv service.
I am able to watch the recorded tv if I play it through the video section but it will not play under the recorded tv section, I get the error 'unable to play'
I have included the log files from the server and client

Any help would be most appreciated.


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    Howdy! :)

    I'll cut straight to the chase...

    The TsReader log file shows the problem:
    [2016-12-10 01:21:17,572] [ d411fb8] [17c8] - Failed to get a SDP description from URL rtsp:// Bad port number

    That message is in references to the "...1.3:0/..." in the RTSP address.

    In the TV service log:
    [2016-12-10 00:29:40,835] [Log ] [TVService] [INFO ] - Controller: setup streaming
    [2016-12-10 00:29:40,867] [Log ] [TVService] [ERROR] - Exception :confused:ystem.Exception: Error initializing streaming server
    at TvLibrary.Streaming.RtspStreaming..ctor(String hostName, Int32 port)

    In other words, the streaming server is not running because it was not able to start.

    1. Open TV Server Configuration.
    2. Go to the "streaming server" section.
    3. Tell us what value you have set for the streaming server port.
    Also, do you run firewall and/or network security software on the PC that TV Server is installed on?
    If yes, have you configured that software to allow TV Server's streaming server to operate?

    I have setup the client to login to windows with the same username that the server uses to run the tv service.
    Note this is not relevant when the client is accessing live TV and recordings via RTSP as in your setup.



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    August 20, 2015
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    Thanks MM,
    I have solved it, the RTSP port was set to 554 so I changed it to 5544 and it worked ;)
    I am not sure why 554 was blocked though as I disabled the windows firewall.

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