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July 5, 2006
Can anyone please help me figure out how to re-name my files so that the files will parse OK. The series on theTVDB.org is 'Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities' so the colon is basically a bastard.

my files are currently named as follows:

<root folder>Underbelly/Underbelly - A Tale of Two Cities - E01.avi

I have tried as many alternate filenames as i can think of and it's starting to give me the irrits.

All or any suggestions much appreciated.


I have solved it and am currently quite proud of myself.....must be time for bed.
I have renamed my files as follows:

Underbelly.A_Tale_of_Two_Cities.2x01-02.avi (for those multiple episode files)
Underbelly.A_Tale_of_Two_Cities.2x03.avi (for those single episode files)

Seems to have parsed perfectly including the 2 double episodes (as telecast on Australian TV)

Big Tip: for those interested i solved this by going to the mininova.org site and searching for Underbelly and then basically copying a file name structure that was a regular occurance in the resulting list!!! - i figured the torrent posters had probably already used a parse friendly naming structure.... Seems i was right.

Hope this helps anyone else having similar problems.


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September 3, 2008
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Perhaps following may work:
<root folder>Underbelly\Season 1\Underbelly - S01E01 - A Tale of Two Cities.avi

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