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  • July 25, 2010
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    Hi all,

    I made some new tuningparameters for Unitymedia - Hessen (DVB-C).
    Source: http://www.dvbcentral.de/sendb/belegung.html
    Tested it on my HTPC and it found all channels, it was nothing red in the log window while scanning :p

    I also updated the parameters for NRW (couldn't test my self, but this are exactly the same frequencies as for Hessen). Now the question is, do we just update the NRW tuningparameters or do we also add the new file for Hessen? I tend to say: just update NRW, easier for maintenance :)

    @Sebastiii could you merge again? and maybe make the decision to the question above? :p


    • Germany.Unitymedia Hessen.xml
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    • Germany.Unitymedia NRW.xml
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