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February 27, 2011
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Hello folks,

I have only just got around to updating my Windows 7 HTPC to Windows 10, MP was running normally in Windows7, now TvServer seems not to be working. MediaPortal starts as usual, but gives says it can't connect to TVServer at the usual IP address. If I try and run TV-Server Configuration, it says that TVService isn't running, so I click Yes to start it. TV-Server Configuration fails then crashes before it has opened, with a Failed to startup tvserviceSytem.NullReferenceException message (see attached PNG for full text). Looking in Services, TVService has a status of Stopping.

Any ideas about what is wrong, and how I might fix it, gratefully received.



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    Although I don't use MP1 any longer, I suspect that your "new" system received also a new IP address. You either need to assign the same previous IP address to your PC or edit the TV database using a SQL editor. The MP1 Wiki is somewhere describing these steps, but here is a quick description what to do:

    Thanks guys I could edit that MySQL database by installing the latest MyQL Workbench.
    From MySQL Workbench you just need to select the local database and provide the password which is MediaPortal unless you've changed it.
    Then go to the server table as explained on that wiki page @azzuro mentioned and edit your IP as needed.
    I've actually put my hostname in there rather than any IP I figured that should give me more flexibility. It works just fine to far.
    So again here it goes for the record:

    • By default MP1 is using a MySQL database. To edit it you need MySQL Workbench.
    • Make sure you stop the TV Service.
    • Open local database through MySQL Workbench by providing MediaPortal as password.
    • Locate the server table and replace your IP by your hostname, apply changes.
    • Close MySQL Workbench.
    • Start TV Service.
    • You're good to go.

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