Upgrade to 1.7.1 errors with DefaultWide skin (1 Viewer)

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February 27, 2011
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I have just upgraded from 1.6.0 to 1.7.1 and it is failing to load properly with the DefaultWide skin.
It gets to the Caching Graphics stage and then I get a 'Critical error' message saying "Failed to load your skin! Aborting startup. Out of memory." I tired installing it again, but the error was still there.
Looking at the log files I could see that it was missing the Translations folder from the DefaultWide folder, so I copied it from another skin. Now, if I OK the message (same as before) it does seem to launch as expected, although so far I have noticed that My TV-Series and Moving Pictures are missing the cover art and banners and Weather seems to missing its xml files.

I have attached the log files in case somebody can shed some light on this problem.

Dark Eyes

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February 27, 2011
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Despite a couple of reinstalls, with default wide skinselected, I haven't managed to proegress this issue much further.
I removed some old skins that weren't compatible with 1.7.1, but now I get "failed to load your skin! Aborting starup...Out of memory" at the Caching Graphics stage. If click OK, then it continues to load as normal, but when it is up and running I get a messgae says that it is missing DefaultWide\worldweather.xml. It seems to work as expected,except weather, but Moving Pictures and MP-TVSeries aren't displaying the artwork.
Looking in the logs I can see that there are several "png is too large to be cached. Texture 1280x720 - limit 1024x1024" messages at the Caching Graphics stage; as all the images are installed by MP, and I am running the PC in 1920x1080, what is causing this to be a problem ?
I can also see that Translating skin stage, I am getting lots of Set property "#SkinTranslation.Translations. failed" messages, which is probably why Moving Pictures and MP-TVSeries aren't displaying the artwork.

I have attached the logs, in the hope that somebody can enlighten me as to what the problem might be.

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