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August 14, 2007
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I shall be uploading a newer version tommorow or more probably on saturday that you can use with 1.3.0 RC.

If you download the 1.3.0 Beta you can download and use the file on the first post.


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April 13, 2013
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now that we have the official release of MP1.3.0 where can I get the version for this running under win8 Pro?

trying the software at the 2 links tells me the it's not supported (as was expected)



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  • February 14, 2012
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    this worked well for me, other than compatibilty issues. How do I make this work in MP 1.7? Would this be a good TV plug-in otherwise? thanks for any reply.


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  • March 4, 2008
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    Is your work on this still ongoing?
    Is it possible to merge this in a future MP release? I don't know the current status or plan about that.


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  • March 19, 2009
    Greece Greece
    Guys anyone still got this build as an installer? I was using it for many years with no issues until i recently updated my windows installation and cannot find it here anymore to download.


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