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September 8, 2009
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I'm using a TerraTec Cinergy S2 USB HD with my HTPC (actually my old notebook, so a PCI card was not an option).

If the USB DVB-S is plugged in, it always wakes up the PC from sleep instantly. If it's unplugged, it works.

So I searched the Internet for Solutions. All I came up with was changing the energy options in Windows Device Manager.
One Problem though: the DVB-S's entry in the device manager doesn't have the "energy options" tab. I tried Disabling wake up for the USB root host it's connected to. No effect.

I also cannot disable USB wake up in BIOS, because it's a notebook BIOS and i simply don't have the needed options in BIOS Setup.

Does anyone have another idea? Maybe somehow disabling the device before sleep and re-enable it after wake up? I'm using Power Scheduler ++ btw, but the Problem also is present with PS++ uninstalled.

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