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    Thanks to Jon from USBUIRT who donated a system to frodo and MANY thanks to frodo who kind of "outsorced" the transmission codes to a separate .xml.

    Still when you learn the codes for USBUIRT some codes will not be learned. By the way the not learned codes differ each time you try. so all you have to do is to save the xml under a different name, learn again and edit the xmls until you get one where all codes work. now save the xml under the original name and you are done !!!


    Well, not quite...

    I have MP and the USBUIRT and it is not working at all. You can see my original post here ( The USBUIRT will not change the channels even though I already have them set to external. Plus, the USBUIRT doesn't even light up it's red LED when it should be changing it's channel. The "control MP with a remote" option does not work either. At least when I press a button the remote the USBUIRT lights up, but MP does not execute the command. Here is some help for at least the last problem...

    I found a program (similiar to Girder, sort of) that is FREE and can solve the problem of MP not using the USBUIRT to control it's interface. The program is called HIP (Human Interface Programmer) and can be found here: It's a little hard to get started with it as it has an abundance of options, but eventually you'll get the hang of how to get it to work. As far as I've done, simply assign IR codes to the keyboard commands that MP uses.

    QUESTION: Is there anyway to change the "default" keys that MP already has set? I found in the configuration menu where I can see what the keys are, but it didn't look like I could change them. Any input? Thanks,


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