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Have a look at Sony HS-50 too, less cheaper than ptae700/Z3 but very silent, awful contrast and colors.



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February 9, 2005

I've just setup MP to run on a projector, it's fantastic! A few things to think about if you're going to go for a projector solution (apologies if I'm stating the obvious).

- Macrovision - My grafix card didn't like the fact I'd plugged in a projector and wouldn't play DVD's through the projector (added macrovision), installing TVtool solved that.

- I'm projecting onto a chimmeny breast in my living room, couldn't get the picture right without painting it brilliant white (it was only off white but made things difficult). spot on now

- Only S-video output for me was truly watchable across all formats (might just be my projector / grafix card

- Over all the pictue is great but still not as good as CRT or monitor (unsurprisingly) the size of the picture outweighs the loss (projecting at 100"). I use 1250 ANSI Lumens, in hindsight would have stuck to at least 1500 for the extra detail in dark pictures (even with the lights off).

- 800x600, I use my main PC for MP also so it's a bit annoying to have to keep switching between resolutions. My projector supports 1024x768 but the picture is still better in 800x600

Overall, one of the best investments I've made, just worth noting that it's not quite "plug in and go" as it should be, connections, leads, etc. all need some thought before wading in.

Hope this helps


I have bought a DLP-projector (TA Dataview V20) a year ago, is really great to work with a projector. I have a screensize of 3 meters wide, so it looks like a cinema screen :) Best buy I have done in years, for about 1.000 euro's.

My TV is connected via a composite connection (the yellow connection), although this is the least con. type the image is good enough ( I use cables of more then 15 meters).

The PC is connected via VGA, 17 meters long, good quality. I experimentend also with s-video, but VGA is far better for me. I have a photo of the screen, drop me a mail if you want to see it.


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    I bought a Benq PB8220 dlp projector recently and I am using it on my wall with MP and eventually a new htpc. I love how big it gets and the quality is great.


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    I have a Mitsubishi HC6000 projector which I have hooked up to my HTPC via a HDMI splitter box and it's great. Even DVDs look pretty good on the 2m wide screen, hi-def stuff looks awesome. Admittedly I have a fairly "old" LCD panel (also hooked up to the HDMI splitter), but the picture on my projector is actually better than the TV!

    It's all run at 1080i resolution as that's what my TV accepts, so I can just power up the projector for a big screen version of whatever is on the TV :D

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