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    I have a problem in MyTV with VMR9 when using my software card Cinergy 400. The problem is that im outputting interlaced via a VGA->SCART cable, and it seems that VMR9 has problems with this. My only solution so far is using the intervideo codec(solved it on my PVR-150MCE) but the Cinergy 400 doesnt output MPEG-2 so that codec isnt used(in fact no codecs are used, its straight from Cinergy Capture to the VMR renderer). I was thinking that maybe i could solve this by performing on-the-fly MPEG-1/2 encoding and then using the intervideo codec to give the output to the VMR renderer.

    I have tried changing the graph using GraphEdit, but i dont think i have an MPEG2 encoder installed. I tried setting it up so that it was MJPEG compressed, immediatly decompressed and then handed to the VMR renderer. GraphEdit accepted this, but when i started the graph again, MediaPortal crashed :(

    Does anyone know whether or not what i am doing is possible, or know anything that could help?

    Is it correct to stop the graph before changing it, because otherwise i can hardly make any changes.

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