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Hallo to every skin-maker!

This is a part of the guide for the status-plugin v2 by gucky62

I´ve tried to translate the part for the skinmakers. Hope it makes it a little bit easier to integrate the statusbar in the different skins.

The complete german guide is available here

The statusbar is on every page of a skin available.

For this is the following code in the xlm-file of the page

<description>Status Bar</description>

posX set the X position
posY set the Y position (When in settings Bottom is select)
posY set the Y position (when in settings Top is select)
widht defines the width
height set the height for the statusbar background
texturebg set the grafic for the statusbar background
lefttexture set the grafic for the left side of the statusbar
midtexture set the grafic for the middle part of the statusbar
righttexture set the grafic for the right side of the statusbar
visible "yes" shows the grafic - "no" blind the grafic
label #statusbar_perc must set. The variable contain the actuell % number

The following variables are made for the skinmakers

#statusbar_perc contain the percentage of the selected sensor
#statusbar_name contain the sensor name
#statusbar_high contain the upper limit of the sensor
#statusbar_act contain the actuell value (i.e. 62 for a temperature sensor with 62C)

This variables are in all Pages available.

Hope i translated all correct and you can understand my english.


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