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  • June 20, 2005
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    United States of America United States of America
    Windows Version: XP Pro
    CPU Type: P4 3.0e
    Memory: 1GB PC3200
    Motherboard: Asus p4p800
    Motherboard Chipset: i865PE
    Motherboard Bios:
    Video Card: Gigabyte 6600GT
    Video Card Driver: 78.03
    Sound Card: Chaintech AV-710
    Sound Card AC3: S/PDIF
    Sound Card Driver: Via Envy 1.43d
    1. TV Card: VBox DTA 150
    1. TV Card Type: ATSC
    1. TV Card Driver: BDA
    [Video Render Type: VMR 9
    Video Codec: nVidia
    Audio Codec: Mpeg2Dec
    HTPC Case: El Cheapo
    Power Supply: HEC 430w
    Remote: MCE 2005
    TV: Philips PW8520 (30" Widescreen, 1920 x 180, 60hz)
    TV - HTPC Connection: Component

    The Good News: It's an ATSC card, it autotunes, displays a great picture. Yay! Great job guys! Thanks a lot. I'm sooo close to being able to ditch SageTV 4 completely.

    Unresolved Issues:
    1. Occasional Media Portal lockup during channel change. MP needs to be closed via Ctrl-Alt-Del.
    2. Audio progressively becomes out of sync while viewing live tv. Audio leads video.
    3. Pausing Live TV causes audio to drop. The audio stops being sent to the receiver, so I think something happens to screw up the playing graph?

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