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  • April 29, 2013
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    Here is a review of that Venset TS700A TV Lift equipped with IR remote and Bracket TS700.

    I was looking for a TV lift solution mostly for more flexibility and better quality when enjoying passive 3D content.
    In fact my Philips TV 55PUK7150/12 has quite a narrow vertical angle for optimal 3D quality.
    That's notably an issue while playing stereoscopic 3D games since I tend to enjoy playing games while standing rather than lying on the coach.

    So I needed to be able to adjust the height of my TV. However I also wanted to avoid wall mounting and any sort of static mounting for that matter.
    I like to be able to move my furniture around including the TV. Moreover flexible mounting allows you to readjust the position of your TV at anytime.

    That Venset TS700 was matching my requirements while fitting my TV quite nicely. It supports all sorts of VESA mounting from 200 by 200 to 400 by 400. It can handle a TV up to 65 kg, unless you mount it up side down on your ceiling, in which case it can handle 29 kg which should still be plenty enough for modern TVs.

    It's primarily intended for cabinet mounting where you want to hide your TV within your furniture and have it neatly slide out.
    For this kind of use case a 55' TV would be too big for the 700 mm extension of that hardware. To hide a 55' TV within a cabinet you would need to use its big brother the TS1000.
    Therefore the TS700 specs exclude supports for 55' TV. However for my height adjustment use case it actually fits a lot nicer than the TS1000 would have. In facts it allows me to lower the TV further than the TS1000 could.

    In November 2016 I could source the TS700 and accessories above for about €600 from TV Lift 24. That Venset hardware is often sold under various different names.
    Delivery was swift however they shipped the variant with the RF remote control. I had to contact them and was delivered the IR remote kit 10 days later.
    Very happy with their handling of the case though.

    Here is the final result in full extension:

    Here is the mounting base in the workshop:
    20161119_165139.jpg 20161119_165154.jpg

    Base with floor mounting bracket:

    Test run:

    Details of the final cut of the base with cable canal for sound bar:

    Back side details:

    VESA mount spacer details:

    Engine bump details:

    The mounting base is basically scrap wood from my IKEA kitchen installation.
    It's only 30cm deep, 4cm thick and 62cm wide.
    I've had to mount the TV with 2cm spacers and 4.5cm M6 screws as the engine of the TS700 is protruding at the bottom and was preventing the TV to go all the way down.
    I guess that kind of issues was to be expected when mounting a 55' TV on some hardware that was not specified for that.

    The power supply provided was giving a nasty coil whine making it unusable really so I swapped it for another one. I have not bothered doing the RMA yet.
    The RF remote worked well. The IR remote however is of rather poor quality and so is the provided IR receiver. I have to get no more that one meter away from the receiver for the lift to be actioned without interruption. I struggled to teach the IR code to a Logitech Harmony 950, so much so that I had to give up. Instead I first taught the IR codes to a Philips Prestigo and using the Prestigo I taught them to the Harmony. However I would blame Harmony for that rather than Venset. Using the Harmony or Prestigo instead of the provided remote already provides better control. Still from 3 to 4 meters away you get signal interruptions and the lift tends to stutter. I'm planning to replace to IR receiver with a high quality one hopping to resolve those issues and have a more convenient controlling range.

    Here are details of the IR remote (top), RF remote (bottom) and RF control board:

    20161203_132208.jpg 20161203_132230.jpg

    Switches on the controlling boards notably allows you to select between full run mode, for cabinet use case, or precise control, for height adjustment use case.

    • Build quality.
    • Stability, balance.
    • Ease of assembly.
    • Flexibility of assembly options of the VESA mount height.
    • Power supply unusable due to high pitch noise.
    • Poor IR solution out of the box.

    Luckily the parts responsible for the downsides could easily be replaced with high quality ones.
    Overall I'm impressed with the build quality of the TS700 core parts, it feels really stable, solid and reliable.
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