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  • August 9, 2012
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    When I attempt to play a sample 4K video e.g. Elysium I see very high render times (in excess of 100ms) which results in stuttering. If I toggle from fullscreen to windowed mode and back again render times drop to below 20ms and the video plays smoothly. This problem maybe specific to Nvidia GPUs, it is certainly not an issue on my desktop PC which has an AMD GPU. Sorry no logs as I am again running the test version from the Madvr branch, but would be possible if really required;), (it's 100% reproducible for me), later in the week.
    My guess is this problem has already been fixed as it does not happen in the Madvr test version v280 or v281 (and maybe in earlier versions as well) but the fix needs to be included in the full release.
    UPDATE 17-Feb-2017
    I did a quick test with an AMD RX 460 (Crimson 17-2-1 drivers) yesterday , I can now confirm the same problem, so for me, at least, the issue is not GPU manufacturer specific, albeit it was not a problem on my desktop.:p
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