VFD Hd 44780 v1.1(lpt) ASIO problem (1 Viewer)


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October 20, 2009
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Recently started using MP1.4.
Was happy with the Wasapi and ASIO possibilities. However using my VFD Hd 44780 v1.1(lpt-1)with the option for equilizer display, and ASIO music Player, as soon as the equilizer starts the music speeds up and the song is at the end in 4 seconds :(....
Tried al kinds of options:
- using Wasipi
- bios settings for LPT to Epp, Ecp
- bios no plug & play OS
- win XP/ Win7 x86
- total new install OS Win7 x86 and MP 1.4
Nothing helps.

Using in music settings no Asio or Wasipi (windows music kernel) the VFD equilizer works fine and no speeding up the music output.

Musiccard: Prodigy_71_HiFi using driver: Prodigy_71_HiFi-x2v-v1_16 using SPdif output.
ATI 4550 graphics
AMD 4000
Asus m2n-86
2gb. mem
Disabeling the equilizer option everything works oké, but I just love watching the equilizer on the VFD while playing music.
MP 1.3 with Pure Audio plugin it works, but that's sadly not an option for my problem. I need MP1.4 for my other stuff to work oké....

Hope somebody has a answer.....
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