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  • July 16, 2010
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    Using mepo 1.3 beta but it does it on all versions I have tested so not sure if this is expected behaviour or not

    I have remember last used folder unticked in the videos tab of the config util

    In mepo I then go into videos, it lists the shares view, I then go into a shared folder: movies

    If I then press home to go to the home screen and then select videos again

    I expect the shares view to be shown again, however the contents of movies folder is shown.

    I'd expect it to do the above if the remember box was ticked



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  • March 18, 2009
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    Even the setting name sound like you describe it is not really about that but positioning last selected item on back command when particular skin allows it (better to say, have it implemented).

    Your behavior is related to (we call it) folder history and (if I'm right) there is no any setting which can prevent that. Sometimes this behavior is really helpful (ie. you can jump between plugins and simple back button will set you back to starting point without need to drill down again where you've been) and sometimes (in your case) it is not so good.

    It's just a matter of MP design and not fixable but you can always stop by here and propose better behavior.

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