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December 8, 2018
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Hi all

I have MediaPortal 1.20 running on a Windows 10 PC.
I have a USB drive plugged into my router and shared.
Enabled SMB1 in Windows 10.
Mapped the drive in Windows Explorer (T:\)
Can browse/open folders and video files from that share without any problems.
Then I add the mapped drive as a video folder (T:\) in MediaPortal.
The name I give it appears in the list of video folders.
When I open it I just get '..'
Occasionally I can get it to list the top level of folders in T:\ but 99% of the time its just '..'
If it lists the top level of folders, if I go to another folder I just get '..'
Have also tried adding it with its UNC path instead of mapped drive but get the same result.

Any ideas why MediaPortal wouldn't see what Windows Explorer can?

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