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  • February 16, 2008
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    MediaPortal Version: 1.2.3

    If you got a filename with the word part followed by a number it will remove part and the number in the video listing
    ("-08 Unification- Part 2.mkv" will be show as "s05-08 Unification-").

    Example (result comments in brackets):
    01 test1-del1.mkv (OK: 01 test1-del1)
    01 test1-del2.mkv (OK: 01 test1-del2)
    02 test2-Part1.mkv (FAIL: 02 test2; will not shown –Part1)
    03 test2-Part2.mkv (FAIL: 03 test2; will not shown –Part2)
    04 test3-Part1.mkv (FAIL: 04 test3; will not shown -Part1)
    04 test3-Part2.mkv (FAIL: will not shown at all, as truncated it is the same name as above)
    05 test4-Parta 1.mkv (OK: 05 test4-Parta 1; seems just to be the word Part)
    06 test5-Part.mkv (OK: 06 test5-Part; need to be a number behind to fail)
    07 testPart 1.mkv (OK: 07 testPart 1; part need to be separate word to fail)
    08 test6 Part 1 and more.mkv (FAIL: 08 test6 and more; seems to remove space (or minus) before, and the word part and its number)
    09 test7-part1.mkv (FAIL: 09 test7; it is not case sensitive)

    It is the same behaviour on local drive as it is on server drives (eg. \\server01\videos).
    Found it in all tested versions and skins (1.2.3 Nova Black, default/1.3.0B Titan/default).
    It does not happened on directory names but all other listed objects.
    Only tested on Windows Vista.

    Steps to Reproduce:
    Just create files named as above and look at the listing in Videos
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  • February 23, 2008
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    Settings this to No Bug, since the above post explains why.
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