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March 20, 2012
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I am planning to use a wireless touchscreen as primary monitor to control mediaportal and run the mediaportal interface. I think this is ideal for listening to music as i don't have to turn on the tv.

For those who are interested: FingerVU 1016W Wireless TouchDisplay

When turning on the tv, it is configured as secondary display (extended desktop). In this mode i would like to use the mediaportal interface on the touchscreen and sending video/tv to the extended desktop (TV) in fullscreen.
Is something like that possible with mediaportal (e.g. with external player?).

I know that ATI Graphic cards have a theatre mode which does exactly what i want (when using wmp etc.). Does the theatre-mode work with MediaPortal? Maybe some ATI-Users could check this out?

Thanks a lot!

It looks like all new ATI graphiccards don't have the theater-mode feature anymore.
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