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March 31, 2009
Hi, i have looked round the settings, shortcut keys and forum but couldn't come up with a solution. Maybe someone out there can help! I'm basically using my mobile via Salling clicker to control MP. I want to set shortcut keys on the mobile to volume up with 2, down with 8, toggle fullscreen with 5, etc.. the problem is that while in video playback the numbers being entered are also working on this goto function, ex: if i press volume up 4 times, it would increase the volume by 4 increments, and goto position 22:22 on the video. this is very frustrating! any idea how i can disable this function?

Pls note that in the interest of keeping this post short, it is to complex to explain why i cannot use other buttons, but in short, the shortcut keys for volume etc must be numbers and cannot assign other buttons to do these functions.

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