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June 9, 2006
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New installation of 1.3.0 final on windows 8 pro, 64-bit.
Works very well, but one problem persists:

With all recent movies (XVID mostly) i have NFO files with information re: plot, actors etc. When entering MP configuration, i can scan all folders for NFO, and the information in these are entered automatically into MP database - except 1 (that i've noticed so far)... I've checked the NFO and theres no error in it... Also - I've tried setting MP to disregard database, and just show the information in the NFO when browsing videos - this works for all files except this one.... The file itself plays in MP without a problem....

I'm mystified... Ideas???


No longer mystified - looked through the logs, and discovered errors regarding the relevant NFOs; apparentliy the XML structure was damaged... After fixing NFO, everything works!!!!
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