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April 14, 2009
running media portal on an older PC which needs a cpu upgrade to run 720p (working on that) but my question is, if i intend to ONLY use this pc for media portal and internet explorer (and maybe the occassional older flight sim) is it worth sticking with 32 bit xp with sp3 or putting vista on this htpc? will it make much difference to media portal performance? keep in mind that the hardware is 64 bit compatible.


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November 28, 2007
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I initially used Vista 32 for my dedicated HTPC, then went to XP pro 32 because I found Vista took too long to boot and I thought is was overkill for a HTPC.

I found XP to be a little quicker to boot but I found that I could never get video to playback properly. Stuttering and tearing etc. It was minor really but annoying nonetheless.

I have since moved back to Vista ultimate and have disabled a ton of services etc to make it boot quicker. Vista just seems to work better for me and my hardware setup. System specs in my avatar.


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  • October 29, 2008
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    Hoi erron

    I tried both, Vista 32bit Ultimate and XP Prof SP3. On my System Vista runs much better with MP. Better Quality of Movies and Live-TV using EVR without Problems.


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  • February 6, 2009
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    personally if your hardware can handle vista nciely then use vista as in the long run it seems to have less problems with MP, i used to get error after error with xp but sicne i started using vista everything runs sweet


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  • October 28, 2008
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    I'm with the Vista group :) (and it works fine on the Home Basic version, provided you choose the 'Vista Standard' desktop color scheme - this enables the 'desktop composition' mode).



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    April 9, 2009
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    I'm with Windows XP SP3 32bits after a Windows Vista 32 Test. Vista is better for Blu-Ray 2.0 (no bug with PowerDvD 7.3 or 9.0) but with anyDvD HD, XP is really nice. I haven't any problems for the moment.


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    February 3, 2009
    Has anyone here tried Vista Blitz? It's a custom version that someone made specifically for htpc use and gaming.

    Here's the info I found on it:

    Vista Blitz Ultimate SP1 - HTPC - Gaming OS
    After trying various other versions of ripped Vista OS under 1GB, I was dissapointed to find no supprot for Printers, also Windows Media Centre was removed and no sidebar. So I decided to build the Ultimate gaming and HTPC Vista with everything you need with out the bloated Vista junk, I personally have used this version for several months with no issues and really solid, super fast and light on the resources.
    Ultimate gaming and HTPC vista, super fast and reliable, increased speed while gaming and general PC use. After install download updates and install, turn off auto updates, then use vista activator supplied in rar file.

    This version includes the following important items:
    Only 780mb ISO
    Intergrated SP1 into OS (not an add on)
    Windows dream scene
    Aero theme
    Windows media centre (full support for TV tuners with your own drivers)
    Windows sidebar
    System restore
    Printer support
    All hardware support
    More than %50 reduced memory used by Vista
    Minmum 265mb ram required only
    Only 2.4GB hard drive space required for install
    Super fast install time, 10-15 minutes
    Can be installed only from bootable DVD, no manual install option available.

    Removed items.....

    Disk Clean up
    Mobility centre
    Speech support
    Welcome centre

    Display adapters
    Printer drivers (support for printers still available with your own drivers)
    Sound controllers (download your own drivers)
    TV tuners (support for tuners still available)

    Language packs removed (English only left)

    Intel indeo
    Movie and DVD maker
    Music and Video samples
    Shell event sounds
    Windows photo viewer
    Windows calendar

    Hardware support:
    Fax support

    File and print sharing
    Windows firewall
    Windows mail
    Internet information services
    Windows callobration

    Offline files
    Computer browser
    Remote access
    Remote registry
    Error reporting
    Microsoft DFS replication

    Digital locker
    Manual install (boot OS from disc only)
    Parental controls
    Windows easy transfer
    Tablet PC
    Windows defender
    Disk defragmenter
    Microsoft Agent
    Natural language
    Security centre
    Sync centre
    Windows back up
    Windows SAT
    Zip folder

    Installation instructions.
    Burn Iso to DVD (with free app IMGBURN)
    Restart PC with DVD in drive
    Instal from booting into the DVD only
    No manual install or upgrade option available.

    It sounds cool, and if you use your own serial it might work nicely.


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    April 9, 2009
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    Lot of custom Vista (and XP) are "vlited". If you use them you can't install a new Service Pack but you can do regular updates.

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