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  • May 30, 2007
    Italy Italy
    I'm using MCE repalcement and it's very greath!!!!!!
    just ome point:
    I've learned the vol-/+ from my thomson dolby surrount ad I re-mapped it on the MCE remote vol-/+ buttons,
    so if I'm using MP, I control the volume of the amplifier instead of the PC's one

    The only issue is that the button repeating is very slow (and so the volume changing),: maybe I've pressed too long during the learning? or is something related to the "repeating speed" (I don't think cause the PC volume was changing quite quickly before the re-mapping) ?




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  • March 7, 2005
    Australia Australia
    It could be the learned IR code for controlling the amplifier is too long, this should be fixed in the next version but that wont be out for a while.

    In the meantime, try just tapping the remote button during the learning process.

    Hope that helps,

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