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December 9, 2008
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First of all, let me congratulate you for the work done on aMPdroid: it is working really stable at home which was not the case of prior web client I tested few months ago.
The main interest in aMPDroid for me is to browse and listen to music on the HTPC keeping the TV screen off, but also to be able to manage recordings when I am not at home (and this is just fantastic!)

I have some improvement ideas to submit (well... polite requests indeed) which would make MPDroid a must-have remote for my system:

1) alternate volume management: my sound setup is digital SPDIF out and volume control on an external amplifier. There should be an option in MPDroid to disable sound management which srews everythnng on my setup or, even better, an option to choose between the current sound level control and a set of Vol+/Vol- buttons that would allow me catching these commands from eventghost and resend the appropriate IR volume command to the amplifier. The perfect thing would be the Vol+/Vol- commands respond to the Vol+/Vol- buttons of the android device!

2) music views (this could apply to all views): I miss the music organization of MP client on aMPDroid: I have around 10000 tracks sorted into Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock and in aMPDroid, all this appears mixed :cry: and not possibility to in hierarchical views (except album > tracks). I miss Genre, Artist alphabetical, Recent date grouping and sorting.
A first quick step could be to give aMPDroid the ability to load the playlists of the MP client so I could create categorized playlists

3) player control improvement: increasing play/previous/next button size and adding repeat/random buttons would be nice also :cool:

My small contribution (in addition of getting the Pro version...) has been to submit an updated French translation in transifex. I hope it can help!

Michael Møllegaard

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March 24, 2013
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Other things:

See playtime om phone
When you go back a folder, dont start on the first but stay at the folder you entered.

Regards Mic

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