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August 4, 2020
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I've recently upgraded from MediaPortal 1.9 to 1.24. Since then I have some strange volume control behavior.

I have a background app which receives from a net socket commands to set the volume to a certain level (for remote music control from other rooms). This worked fine in the past, and still works fine when MediaPortal is not running.

But when MediaPortal is Running, volume is set back by MediaPortal to the initial value (or close to it - increasing by small steps seems ok, but not eg. from 20% to 70%). In the MediaPortal log I get following entries:
[2020-08-04 21:20:51,145] [Log ] [25 ] [DEBUG] - Mixer: CheckAudioLevels

Is this as new behavior in one of the releases since 1.9? Can I deactivate volume control in MediaPortal (and leave this to the OS again?).


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