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  • April 9, 2008
    Poltimore, Devon
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    Hello everyone

    I have a really stupid problem with WOL. After a bit of mucking around I finally got my server PC to respond to WOL so the client starts and kicks the server - all good.

    The server is running the PowerScheduler+ plugin (which is great) and puts the PC into standby fine. The client doesn't have PowerScheduler+.


    If the client is running, even just on the Home screen then it immediately wakes up the server again.

    Rinse, repeat and go again, in a continual cycle, server goes to sleep, server wakes up...

    It really seems to be a client "problem" since that shouldn't be waking up the server if it doesn't need to. But I couldn't see any options in the client config to stop WOL, only a timeout to force it.

    (This particular client is normally sitting on a [self written] digital clock screen, very rarely needs to use the server - only when the 'alarm' goes off.)

    So does anyone know how I can set the client to NOT send WOL?

    Stupid isn't it. People spend lots of time and effort making WOL work and I want to stop it...!

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