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March 27, 2008
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Started on: 2012-07-24
last update: 2012-07-24


Feature request to config a folder as a network folder with the possibility to send WOL magic paketsto wake up the source.


Videos, Music, Pictures - maybe recordings


There is the possibility in Mediaportal Config to config Folders as FTP-Folders with IP, PORT, USER, PW to establish connection.

My request is, to make it possible to config a folder as a LAN-folder with IP, MAC-Adress, USER and Password to establish connection. If the connection is broken - then a magic paket should wake up the source.

Why? In these days there are a lot of different ways to build powerful SMALL HTPCs - only Storage needs space and produces heat. Even a single seated installation may take place in small cases. One SSD for the OS and MePo and a 2,5" HDD for recordings may fit in really small cases.

But... storage...

HD-recordings, BlueRay-Files, etc. need a lot of space. A separeted storage-server (or a NAS) could be a solution. It could stay in standby until the MePo client wants to access files. Therefor a Wake-On-Lan configuration as a core-feature of Mepo to access folder would be a great improvement - and "State-Of-The-Art".

Thanks - Schaeklovic

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