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November 6, 2012
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I'm running MePo on my gaming/multimedia PC at home as a single-seat setup, and can happily watch TV via a Compro E750 TV Tuner. This is a dual digital TV tuner card, but I can only seem to watch OR record TV; I can't watch and record at the same time. How do I set up Mediaportal so I can do this? I'm a complete noob and have set up the basic stuff (basic tv watching, music, pictures, video folders, radio, etc.) but I'm not sure about anything else. In my TV Server Configuration, the list looks like this:

4 RadioWebStream
3 VideoMate E750
2 VideoMate E750
1 Mediaportal IPTV Source

I don't know anything about TV Combinations or TV Mapping... :(

TV Server Configuration is quite intimidating... Help?

Confused noob is confused.

(A nice idea for future MePo versions would be some setup-wizards / first-run wizards for newbs like me, though expert MePo users could disable them. "Hey, we've found you have a Dual TV Tuner in your Computer / A Hybrid Card / Two or more TV Cards; would you like us to set it/them up for you?" And you'd click yes; then all channels would be scanned and it'd be all set up for you so you could just get to watching/recording TV right away. I know I know, no one really likes "casualfags" or whatever the elite zealots call us these days... bur I think if you implemented something like this and pushed/advertised it, you'd probably get a LOT more users wanting to check out this incredible Media Centre software.

P.P.S That Titan Skin is a pleasure to see whenever I run MePo; it's so damn classy on the eyes...)
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    Go to Tv-Server configuration ad open Tv-channels - Channel mapping.

    First select the correct Tuner from the pull down menu in the upper part of the menu.
    select all channels listed there and press the button with right Arrow

    The selected channels should now appear in the list on the right side.
    With this step you've mapped all selected channels to the other Tuner.

    Repeat these steps with the other Dual tuner and everything should be working (leave the builtin IP and Radio as they are)

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