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January 6, 2013
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In my attempts to return to myfilms, I discovered something i found strange. I'm not certain it is an error and I sort of fixed it for me, but here is a description:
When I first defined my trakt user as the active user profile name, I didn't know it was case sensitive, so I didn't get any sync. I later changed that, but the result was that in the MultUse tag I now had two user, the user "Default", and my real user.

The issue was that when I set Global Filter to show only unwatched, it only showed a small number of films as not watched (I think it matched what was marked as watched for the Default use).

The skin coloured the names according to the state of my real user the way it should.

My personal solution was remove the default user from the MultiUse tag (actually I removed all data in the <Content> tag and rescanned the collection. It is easy when all datathing is in nfo files).

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