Watching PAL programming on an NTSC TV via Mediaportal (1 Viewer)


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January 12, 2008

I have an NTSC television in Europe. I'd like to hook up a SKY sat box (PAL) into my HTPC running media portal. I'm using a NTSC PVR-150 card, but I'm told that the RCA inputs should handle PAL (need SCART to RCS/phono adapter) and that only the RF input hits the NTSC tuner. The NTSC TV is hooked up via my AGP graphics card S-Video output. How do I configure Mediaportal so that I can watch the output of my SKY box in real time? Note, I'll probably use the PVR capabilites of the SKY box so I basically just want to see the output on the SKY.

FI - I'm using MP for many other things and it is awesome.


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